Why is it special?

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Why is it special?

Look what this app has to offer


Allows you to add friends and acquaintances who travel in the same direction to the friend list. They are notified when you schedule a give lift or a take lift ride.


Users can plan their rides in advance with their contacts. You can schedule rides for the whole week


With its efficient algorithm, we match ride givers to ride takers as soon as a user types in their location.Users can select the rides available based on the distance from the location.


People in your friendlist are notified when you schedule a ride. This is to ensure every time you request for a ride or offer a ride it gets fulfilled.

How does it work

Refer and Earn

Refer your friends and earn points. You are rewarded with 500 points when your referred friends make their first bike-pool or carpool trip. The rewarded amount is 2000 if your referred friend registers as a driver. In addition to this, you earn points every time they give or take lifts. Use these points to take lifts from others. 


Every city has a leaderboard. The ranking is based on the number of points an individual has. You can earn more points and top this real-time board by referring friends, offering rides and building your network.


Share your current location with your emergency contact. Add your emergency contact by going to the edit profile. This feature adds another layer of security. Your emergency contact will be notified about your whereabouts. 

User Preference

Users can exclusively set their preferences. For example, female riders might prefer sharing rides with other verified female users. This is to make the user feel as comfortable as possible, by eliminating any form of uneasiness.