PykUpz (aka Pick-ups) is a new age hitchhiking app that promises to reduce the traffic in your city. It allows you to give or take lifts through carpool and bike-pool. You earn points when you give lifts and you spend points to take lifts. Reduce your weekly drive time by offering rides to people on some days so you can take rides on other days. You also earn points by referring your friends and family and when they make their first trip on PykUpz.

It is loaded with exciting features in order to make ride-sharing, a convenient and comfortable means of commute. The Social feature allows you to add your contacts to your friend list and schedule rides with them. It promotes a sense of security as you are travelling with people you know. No more trying to organize carpool or bikepool on whatsapp groups and getting lost amidst numerous messages.

Users with the most number of points get on top of the leader-board. Imagine being in the top 3 ranks in your city or your country. Another important feature is the Bike-Taxi, which allows users to book a bike-taxi instantly. If you are looking for travel options for shorter distances, PykUpz Bike Taxi is your best bet.

Let’s join hands for a greener tomorrow and start sharing rides on PykUpz today.