Carpool and Bikepool to make the New Green Deal a Reality

The deal with the New Green Deal

The green new deal is a new approach to tackle our carbon emissions and to create new age jobs. It tries to accomplish this through large investments in clean energy generation technologies and developing the necessary infrastructure. The green new deal is meant to revolutionize not just the energy sector but the entire economy. It aims to do two things primarily, take our carbon emissions to net zero and help transition the old job workers to the new age jobs.

Importance of the Green Deal

According to United Nation’s climate science body report, we have only 12 years to make the necessary changes to our global energy infrastructure to limit global warming to moderate levels. From devastating droughts to rising sea levels to more damaging storms, the report makes it brutally clear that even a temperature increase by 1.5 degree will make the world worse for us with the disease, famine, economic crisis, and refugee crisis. If we are not able to contain this and increase temperature by 2 degrees mark, it will have irreversible and devastating effects.


Reduce Carbon emissions by pooling rides

India promised the world in the 2015 Paris agreement that it would take necessary steps to reduce our carbon emissions. India has acted and the results are visible but are we doing it fast enough and in large enough scale to keep the global temperature from reaching 1.5 degrees? This Is a tricky question because India currently produces about 4.5 % of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and the country is developing quickly and we are paying a price for it.22 of the 30 most polluted cities in the world are in India, according to the Greenpeace and AirVisual analysis of air pollution readings.

Travel together for a greener tomorrow

Carbon emission due to increasing number of vehicles on the road is one of the top reasons for pollution in India. Things only get worse because of bad road planning which create multiple choking points leading to traffic congestion which reduces average traffic speed. At low speeds, scientific studies reveal, vehicles burn fuel inefficiently and pollute more per trip. The constantly increasing vehicular traffic density has posed ever increasing threat to the ambient air quality. India is likely to have over millions of new vehicles by 2020 of which more than 60% will be two-wheelers operating on petrol.

Innovative first and last mile solutions like bike taxi or ridesharing via bike pooling or carpooling in general can be our first line of defence. Ride sharing comes with the power of division. Let’s do the math, if two friends decide to carpool that’s one less car on the road, what if a company opts in, what If a city, what if a state, what If a country does carpool. This would have a significant impact on reducing the traffic on the roads.


Start small start rideshare

The important take away from all these facts is that the green new bill or any other initiative to reduce carbon emissions is going to take time to get through political and financial hurdles, time that we don’t have .These are things that can’t wait till next elections. We need action and we need it now.
Before the government starts taking the big leaps and changing our oil-driven economies, we can do simple yet effective things like reducing the number of cars on the road. Start carpooling, bike pooling or ride sharing apps. In this way you can directly and considerably reduce the number of cars and reduce emissions in turn.

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Save the world with one pool ride at a time.

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