Carpool for College Students in Chandigarh, Jaipur, Indore

Entering a college is a monumental phase in all our lives. College life could be stressful, daunting and expensive at the same time. In recent times, the number of students moving to cities for college has rapidly increased. Travel becomes one of the key challenges for students staying far. We live in a connected world today and PykUpz – ride sharing an app in India that offers carpool and bikepool services solves a lot of these problems by connecting people who are going somewhere with people who need to get somewhere.

College commute made cool

PykUpz is the best bikepool and carpool app for students. It works on the logic of earning points when you offer a ride to someone and use these points later to take a ride from someone. There are plenty of safety features like emergency notifications and travelling with preferred users, ie female riders can choose to travel with other females only.

Make new friends

You can share a ride with your college mates, people from your neighborhood or those who travel in the same direction as you. In return, you can take rides from others when you don’t feel like driving. The “social” feature in the app lets you add people to your friend’s list and schedule rides with them. The app also notifies you every time there is a ride available nearby. You can meet new people on your way to college or choose to travel with people you know. It also offers a leader-board, where users can compete with each other to stay on top. Just offer as many rides as possible to earn points and stay on top of the ladder.

Challenges with current options

Public vehicles like buses, metros etc. are cheap but not convenient or on time. Changing two or three buses every day can be extremely exhausting. On the other hand, college buses, private vehicles, and cabs are definitely comfortable but expensive. The limited number of rooms in the dormitories leaves them with no choice but to find a place off-campus. With the expensive tuition fees and added cost-of-living expenses for a few, students struggle with transportation.

College life is one of the most colourful phases of one’s life. With the new age hitchhiking app like PykUpz college commute can be made cool with bikepool and carpool.

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