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Shared Mobility through Bike Pooling

It is with the advent of internet boom that brought along with it the app revolution. A revolution is so strong and influential that it reshaped and created many new industries. This is a revolution that brought everything to our fingertips and transportation was no exception. The modes of commute got many new options like…


Carpool and Bikepool to make the New Green Deal a Reality

The deal with the New Green Deal The green new deal is a new approach to tackle our carbon emissions and to create new age jobs. It tries to accomplish this through large investments in clean energy generation technologies and developing the necessary infrastructure. The green new deal is meant to revolutionize not just the…

The Essence Of A Leaderboard

Leaderboards in games are a means to increase user engagement and retention by creating a level of competition among players by ranking them in different ways. All Xbox live games have them and 90% of the mobile games can’t survive without them. However, it is not just restricted to mobile games. PykUpz – best bikepool,…