Fight Pollution with “PykUpz” Solution

Did you know that 7.6 million vehicles manoeuvre the roads of Bengaluru every day? And that an estimate of 3,500 new vehicles are being registered daily?

This rapid growth, as we all know, has adversely affected Bengaluru’s infrastructure. The painfully slow moving Bengaluru traffic we see today is an effect of this cause. This increase in traffic is the main reason for air pollution in the city.

“So, what can be done?”

The simplest solution would be to restrict the number of vehicles on the roads, which can be done by encouraging citizens to use public transport and to carpool.

The majority of today’s urban population lives in apartment complexes. Apartment complexes have a big presence in the housing sector. Let’s say an average apartment has 100 flats, and at least one person has to go out for the most part of the week. Wouldn’t it be great if this group could carpool rather than being dependent on their individual vehicles?

Indeed, carpooling has a number of benefits:

  • First and foremost being the reduction of traffic which in turn facilitates in decreasing pollution.
  • You can save the money spent on petrol or diesel. This will indirectly help in minimizing the over utilization of natural resources.
  • You can make new friends. It is easier to get acquainted to people who travel with you. Isn’t this how we made our first friends as kids?
  • Your day will no longer start with frustration induced by traffic jams and congestion.

Note that carpooling doesn’t necessarily mean going to the same destination.

“How to implement this concept?”

This step is the easiest of all. In this age of technology, it wouldn’t be surprising if I say that an app provides this facility. Yes, such a carpooling app exists.

PykUpz” is the name of the app. The PykUpz app, along with various facilities, provides features to carpool and bike-pool. The “social” section of the app allows you to add people to your friends list. This attribute makes it easier to communicate with your friends and alert them about your departure. You can also schedule rides with people on your friends list.

Why waste your precious hours in traffic when there is such a ride sharing app as your solution. This small change can make a big difference in your day. Let’s do our part to sustain the green environment and start our day with a good spirit. Start adding your neighbours on your friend-list and carpool and bikepool  with them.