First and Last Mile Solution – PykUpz Bike Taxi

There has always been an air of scepticism around the topic of bike taxis, but our team in PykUpz have come up with the smartest alternative for regular taxis in Hyderabad. It is not a surprise that Hyderabad’s by lanes and bazaars have made it difficult to have a regular taxi as a mode of transport.

Apart from the immense advantage of the speed and low prices, there are a lot of benefits for choosing a bike taxi in Hyderabad.

PykUpz Bike Taxi for the last mile

One of the significant advantages of PykUpz bike taxis is the last mile connectivity. Around 2,65,000 people use the metro per day in Hyderabad, and if you are one of them, you would have undoubtedly experienced the trouble to cover the last mile to your destination after deboarding the metro. Our affordable bike taxis promise to serve you in these situations to help you in your daily transport.

Affordable Bike Taxi

Compared to the usual taxis, it is well established that bike taxis help you save money when it comes to transport charges. The excessive costs over small distances can be avoided with PykUpz bike taxis, which offers standardized rates.

Save time with Bike Taxis

We all know that motorbikes can easily weave through the traffic compared to other vehicles, and that means you gain the advantage of speed. Save time while commuting to your work/college every day by choosing our smart bike taxis in Hyderabad.

Schedule rides in advance

Increase your chances of getting a ride by scheduling rides for 30 days in advance. No more waiting for your ride, just get out of the metro and grab your bike taxi.

Experience our unique service with bike taxis today and choose smart commuting with PykUpz Hyderabad. Let’s start working towards a smarter, cleaner, and greener Hyderabad with smart and affordable bike taxis.

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