Greener City, Cleaner City through shared rides!!

With the ever-expanding cities getting busier and noisy with each passing day, there has never been a better to time raise awareness for greener and cleaner alternatives. And it’s not a surprise that the City of Pearls, Hyderabad, is on the receiving end of urbanization with a population of 6.8 million. Here in PykUpz, we focus on smart mobility in Hyderabad, which helps reduce pollution and traffic and saves you from your daily struggles of getting through the city.

Good Citizenship with Carpool Hyderabad

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Sharing rides is pivotal when it comes to working towards a greener city, and PykUpz offers a friendly way to pool rides. Our Rideshare app in Hyderabad offers carpooling, which will help you share your rides with people traveling in the same direction, which in turn will reduce the number of vehicles out there. Offsetting some of the pollution created by cars can be crucial to making the city greener and cleaner. Carpooling in Hyderabad focuses on a better tomorrow by promoting the need for being a good environmental citizen who understands the importance of eco-friendly measures.

Reducing pollution with Hyderabad’s own Rideshare app

Pooling rides is the appropriate mode of transportation, particularly for organizations, as a solution to traffic congestion and pollution while saving time and parking expenses. Imagine saving money or help reducing pollution at once? Now, imagine getting both these benefits? Our team in PykUpz aspire to do the same with our carpooling services in Hyderabad.

Responsible commuting with Carpooling in Hyderabad


It’s not a secret that cars do a lot of damage to our environment. They produce tons of toxic pollutants and chemicals that result in greenhouse emissions, acid rain, climate change, and significant water and air pollution. This environmental damage also influences people’s health ranging from minor headaches to cancer to congenital disabilities.

So, let’s start doing our bit, be a member of PykUpz and explore the endless options of pooling rides while preserving the pristine environment of Hyderabad. Let us all aspire to be good citizens by making the world a better place to live. Let’s make it more trips, more miles, fewer vehicles, and no pollution.

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