How does it work?

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How does it work?


Details such as your Email ID, and a password must be provided in order to register. Additional documents like your driving license and a second form of photo ID proof along with a passport photo or a selfie should be provided to get verified.

Choose Rides

Once you have registered, just enter your pick-up and destination address to see the rides available near you. You can choose between carpool, bikepool and bike-taxi. You can also choose between ride now and ride later options.

Add Friends

The “Social” feature allows you to add people to your friends list and schedule rides with them. You can add your acquaintances and neighbours who travel in the same direction as you to your friends list.

Stay Safe

Riders can share their current location with their emergency contacts. As a verified user you have the option of taking lifts from other verified users, this means female commuters can choose to share rides with other females.