Pooling Rides with PykUpz is safe for Women!

Gone are those times when women were not allowed to move about and were not allowed to work. Life of a female was always tied around the poles of family, and thankfully, that’s not the case now. PykUpz focuses on your safety when it comes to everyday commute with smart mobility.

The international exposure has undoubtedly changed our country in the past few decades as our society has become more mature and enriched. Women in our society are not only working freely but succeeding in most of the areas as well.

Millions of ladies are traveling every day with different choices of conveyance like public transport, or private vehicles. But recently, one mode of transportation is picking its pace amongst women, carpooling.

PykUpz not only allows you to share your ride with people traveling on the same route but also cuts down your daily expenses to a great extent. Our ride sharing app gives you the upper hand when it comes to safety. Here are some of the reasons which make PykUpz stand out from the rest of the services:

A safe carpooling app

With our ridesharing app in Hyderabad, females feel secure and safe. Every member of the service is verified with valid identification, and you can enjoy the peace of mind while availing our service and are ready to share your trip with fellow members. Once, the members get acquainted, there is an excellent amount of comfort level which develops among the members. Better be safe than sorry!

A ridesharing app different than normal taxis

Now, it is not the case that taxis are completely unsafe, it’s just that any isolated incident involving a cab driver or service provider puts off several ladies, and this is something which we focus on changing. Our carpooling app builds a thick line of trust between you and our team, saving you from all the hassle while traveling alone. Moreover, extensive degradation of taxi drivers in the media has created a sense of fear among all of us who depend on the roads. In such a situation, ladies are finding carpooling with PykUpz a better option, as compared to other taxi services. The opportunity to share your live location with an emergency contact takes the safety measure to the next level.

Making new friends with PykUpz app

Ladies are social! Yes, they are more social than their male counterparts and women always like to have a jovial and vibrant social circle with people from vivid backgrounds. Carpooling services with PykUpz are filling the void, providing a tremendous socializing opportunity in disguise. PykUpz gives you the liberty to choose the service and choose their ride-buddy, which enhances their social circle, and it’s more fun than riding solo.

It is already well established that ladies are the torch bearers in promoting carpooling services. Join the future of smart mobility with PykUpz and experience the difference when it comes to safety and affordability.

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