PykUpz – Carpool and Bikepool app for Women

Women in India have for years been restricted to their house. With time as the idea of liberalization and equality crawled into the Indian society, women started stepping out, they started to enroll in schools and today have reached a point where they equally compete with men in all domains. Today women account to a significant amount of every company’s workforce but this development came at a cost.

Often women face sexual harassment in public transport. In spite of regular crimes against women, there is little to no official data on the massive scale of the problem. Victims rarely come forward to register their complaints with the police due to inconvenience, sense of shame. Fears of being attacked by the offender and victim shaming are some of the reasons why reports like these go unregistered. Under-reporting of incidents of sexual harassment is a global phenomenon, and especially true for developing countries like India where women are discouraged from coming forward to register their complaints.

This is a serious problem that can be solved with a change in the society and governments mindset but that will take time. So there is a strong need for an alternative solution. One that is comfortable, affordable and more importantly safe. Ride-sharing apps like PykUpz is a great option that raises up to the need of the hour.

Transport for Women by Women through rideshare

The best and most viable alternative to bad public transport is ride sharing. With ridesharing, women can now travel to and from office with their friends and colleagues which is a safer option than traveling in taxis with strangers or the overcrowded public transport. This is a great option for women working at odd hours like in call centers or MNC’s and women who don’t have good public transport connectivity in their location. Carpooling, bike-pooling or ride sharing, in general, comes with added benefits of being able to choose who you travel with.

Ridesharing with PykUpz is safe for a women

PykUpz is a ride-sharing app that connects ride givers to ride takers. Riding with PykUpz comes with the promise of safety. It has features incorporated in the app keeping women safety in mind – like adding your close ones to your emergency contact which can be activated with the push of a button and your location and the driver’s details will be sent to them through a message and mail instantly if required.

PykUpz users can set their preferences while booking for a carpool or bike-pool. This means female passengers can exclusively request for a ride with a verified female driver making it a bit more convenient. Hence creating an atmosphere where they can easily and comfortably travel.

It time for women to take up the initiative and be the change they want to see. Download PykUpz from Google Play Store.

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