PykUpz – The smart rider contest !!

PykUpz has been revolutionizing the taxi services in the country in recent times and we are back with another exciting offer for all our members. We helped you get rid of your August blues with us and turning your ordinary trip to something cash worthy by giving away Rs 10,000 to the winner who completed the greatest number of trips on PykUpz.

Make the next 2 months count by getting something extra from your travels on PykUpz. We take the competition to a different level this time as we increase the first prize money to Rs 30,000 and the second prize to Rs 20,000 for completing the greatest number of trips.

From smart carpooling to accessible bike taxis, the services provided by PykUpz are plenty and so are the environmental and financial benefits. The months of September and October promises to bring you more by giving you a chance to make extra money by choosing PykUpz for daily commuting.

If you are already excited about the event, wait until you learn how easy it is to qualify for the competition.

Make more than 50 trips in the months of September and October where the distance travelled is more than 1km and the winner who does the greatest number of trips takes a whopping Rs 30,000 home. We believe sharing is caring, and don’t worry if you don’t come in first as we are giving away Rs 20,000 as the second prize.

To do minimum 50 trips is simple, just use PykUpz everyday for your commute. You can choose between the different services we offer to complete the daily trips.

  • Bike taxis
  • Bikepooling
  • Carpooling
  • Autos

Transform your 2019 with smart commuting options while winning exciting prizes with PykUpz. Join our family and fill your pockets!

Choose any one of the above-mentioned services and win a chance to take home the prize money. Let’s start riding today!

Start using PykUpz today and increase your chances of winning the first prize!

*Rules and Guidelines for the Promotion*(Qualifying criteria mentioned will be different for different promotions)

-This is a time-limited promotion and is only valid for the duration of the promotion (1st Sep – 31st Oct)

-To qualify, you must be 18 or more and a verified user with PykUpz

-You need to have completed a minimum of 50trips where the distance travelled for each trip is more than 1km

-A trip could be give lift, take lift, bike taxi or an auto ride

-To claim the prize money, the winner will need to send an email with their bank details to business.support@pykupz.com. All transactions will be done electronically by PykUpz.

The prize money could also be paid by cheque, which will be on the name of the verified winning user.

-A user found cheating will be disqualified from the promotion.


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