The Essence Of A Leaderboard

Leaderboards in games are a means to increase user engagement and retention by creating a level of competition among players by ranking them in different ways. All Xbox live games have them and 90% of the mobile games can’t survive without them. However, it is not just restricted to mobile games. PykUpz – best bikepool, carpool and bike taxi app in India also has the concept embed in. Whether you bikepool, carpool in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Indore or anywhere in India you can get on top of the leaderboard by sharing as many rides and referring as many users.

Getting on top matters

What drives users to get on top of the leaderboard is the competitive spirit. No one likes to be at the bottom so they will work to get to the top. The scope of leaderboards is widely spreading into sectors beyond gaming. In the fitness sector, we have Nike+, that ranks people on their fitness activity points. It also provides daily feedback using which the user can monitor his daily fitness activities. For the rideshare app PykUpz, the ranking is based on the number of points earned by either sharing rides or by referring more users onto the platform. It allows you to compete with users within your city and country. Imagine being the top 3 in your country or city. All you need to do to get there is offer rides to as many people as possible on your way to work and back and collect as many points as possible. The PykUpz bikepool and carpool application are used across India in cities like Ahmedabad, NCR, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Cochin, Jaipur, Lucknow, and Bangalore. You can top the leaderboard in your city by offering rides to as many users as possible.

Social Cause

Apps like PykUpz provide a unique view of the concept of leaderboards as it focuses on both psychological as well as social needs. Goals, in this case, are not only restricted to personal goals, but they also cover social and economic goals too. Social needs such as pollution, global warming, and climate change can all be controlled by making changes as little as sharing rides and reducing the traffic on the roads. PykUpz- Bikepool and Carpool app strives to spread this knowledge to people. It also provides a social reward in its literal sense and enhances relationships among people by encouraging them to think as a community.

When a small feature like a leaderboard has the potential to drive you to do your best, imagine the magnitude of progress that can be achieved when everyone comes together to protect the world we live in.

Motivation to win

Leaderboards, in a way, challenge the competence of an individual. Even though it doesn’t say it explicitly, it subconsciously pushes you to become number one on that list. The gaming industry extensively uses this strategy and is one of the main reasons why games are addictive. In order to reach that top position, people spend hours playing and practicing the game.
Leaderboard triggers our subconscious mind through three main elements: goal-setting, social comparison, and social reward.


The sense of accomplishment always ignites a positive feeling in everyone. In the case of games, topping the leaderboard is a form of validation for your achievement. The joy of accomplishment is what the goal-setting element of the leaderboard achieves.

Social comparison:

People often compare themselves to others, which results in the desire to outperform others. Leaderboard utilises this character of an individual to bring out his competitiveness.

Social rewards:

Only when a person is rewarded for his work, he feels appreciated and tends to come back. Providing rewards in the form of special privileges always motivates people and urges them to return for more.

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