The Need of Bike Taxis in Hyderabad

Hyderabad has been in need of smart commuting options since the rise of its flourishing IT industry. It’s not a secret that the number of bikes on the road is much more than any other heavy vehicle and the reason is quite simple: cost-efficiency. But the advantages of a motorcycle don’t end there, some of them are:

  • Less fuel needed
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy maneuvering through traffic
  • Parking

PykUpz brings you a one of a kind bike taxi in Hyderabad as a solution to all your commuting woes. Our bike taxi app in Hyderabad brings you the option which is both convenient and affordable for everyone. Our goal is to transform Hyderabad into a smart city with bike taxis saving chunks of time daily. But what exactly are the benefits of PykUpz bike taxis?

Pocket-friendly and comfortable rides with PykUpz bike taxis

We offer value-for-money rides with our bike taxi app for all the price-sensitive people out there in Hyderabad. It is already well established that people who use bike taxis spend less money compared to other taxis. The ease with which our bike taxis slide through traffic offers you hasslefree commuting options daily.

A bike taxi app to reduce traffic congestion

It’s well known that bikes take lesser space compared to other heavy vehicles and that means it comes up with an added benefit of smooth riding. We addressed one of the most significant issues in Hyderabad, traffic congestion, and the results were substantial. Our bike taxi app reduces the nightmarish jams you face every day on your way to work or college.

An environmentally friendly alternative

Leaving your vehicle at home reduces the number of vehicles on the road substantially, and the effects on our environment due to pollution is cut down to half.

Employment opportunities for everyone

If you are a bike enthusiast in Hyderabad who owns a bike, our bike taxi app provides you the perfect opportunity to make some extra money by offering rides to others in the city. Get a chance to know the location beforehand, making it easy for you to accept the ride.

PykUpz Hyderabad is the perfect solution to all the first mile and last mile woes when it comes to public transport. Our bike taxi app provides you a viable to problems like the infrequency of bus services, unavailability of autos and steep cab fares. The future is bright for all of us in the City of Pearls when it comes to everyday transport. Join PykUpz and be a part of the smart venture.

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